Me Myself and I

Rusty Rails Modelling is just a fancy way of saying me, Birch


A international DJ, Music Producer and owner of a VFX and Video production company, I have many experiences from all around the world but nothing is more theraputic than turning off technoligy and cracking on with a model or diorama !

After re-discorving my passion for trains from when I was a young age, ive decided to take the next step in modelling and introduce the next generation of ultra detail and unique models to help everyone acheve realism at an afordable rate whilst still alowing room for indivuality and creativity in my models.


Right from day one ive always said that quality is the main feature in the models I produce !

When designing in 3D I primarly use Autodesk Inventor, this is an engineering software in which parts can be created and assembled in to a final assembly and digital stress tests can be performed to ensure the longevity of our proucts and also to see where stresses and weakness are found in our models so I am able to ensure that a Rusty Rails product will meet the highest of expectations !


For those who love a bit of "Behind the scenes" facts, the following list is all the infomation of what i use for productions! 

  • Cameras - BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, Sony A7s.
  • Microphones - Rode Video Mic Pro
  • Editing Softwares - Premier Pro, After Effects, Ableton (audio)
  • 3D Printers - Elegoo Saturn(resin), 2x FlashForge Adventure3(filament)
  • Sponsorship came after only two videos.

Before Rusty Rails, I (Birch) made a modelling video for my ItsPureCold youtube in which I usually upload my touring vlogs to, this video lead to a magazine interview (Model Rail) in which ultimately lead to the Rusty Rails project.

Modelling + 3D

From the age of 15, ive been envolved in 3D visual effects and now with multiple City and Guild engineering CAD Qualifications and a FDSC 3D Animation and Games devolpent degree, I try to producethe highest quality and structually sound 3D models !.

Quality Assurance In Design.

When its comes to our products I deliver in two forms, those being the "online orders" and "store bought products", for online orders I ship in secure cardboard boxes for added protection. When stocking shops for store bought orders our products have individually made packing designs and are eye catching to customers and sell great !