Every single model is made by myself, this is the only way I can assure that every model I provide is of the highest quality and no corners are cut.

I Hold a degree in 3D Animation and working on Autodesk Inventor I am able to produce ultra accurate models which can be resized to any gauge/scale with little to no detail loss !

I have made a form on the Shop page for resizing requests.


As Eco-Friendly as Possible

Water Washable resin is the most expensive but also the highest quality resin available right now.

This is the ONLY resin I will use in order to achive the sharpest details but also to save on the amount of harsh and toxic chemicals used in production.

This way I can reduce the negative impact of toxic chemicals being emptied and released in to our ecosystems and lifestyles.


Organizing orders using my own custom built software and posting using eco-friendly boxes.

Every order comes with a flyer that has all the information you need prior to an order.

The backside of the leaflet has a sheet of signs and posters in OO and N gauge that can be used on your layouts to help further details and realism for no extra cost 

Who Am I ?

Hey, My name is Birch , I am a music producer and DJ that during lockdown of 2020 decided to purchase a 3D printer for personal use but then after a high demand for my models I decided to start Rusty Rails Modelling.

For me, modelling and art is one of the few true escapes from a noisy and digital world and as someone with everything needed to help bring a new level of model making to the masses, I feel a personal responsibilty to ensure that every step of production is done to the highest of standards and no corners are cut.

I am from and located in North Wales, UK however I am also a globally touring DJ so who knows at when and where I may appear !, You can follow my musical side (Pure Cold) via my facebook or instagram.