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Benefits of Retail ordering

• Discounted inventory (apply your code at normal checkout)

• Individually labelled and SKU tagged packaging

• SKU and product list for easy stock importing (excel, Txt, Pdf)

• Premium support on all products

• Supporting British made products

• as a touring DJ, when I am away this website will redirect traffic to stockists

How to get Retail discount.

In order to apply for retail discount, first please read the following list of requirements and then proceed to application form at the bottom of this page.


• Proof you are an established physical or online shop.

• Have positive reviews and a good reputation.

• you'll need an active website and Facebook page as part of the verification process.

Retail discount is standard at 30%

Apply today

N Gauge
OO Gauge
O Gauge

Made in Wales (UK)

In an industry that relies on oversea and international manufacturing and design, ALL of Rusty Rails Modelling products are designed, printed and packed solely by myself here in North Wales.